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LivingRoomSociety is a community of music lovers connecting to shape the music of tomorrow - and earn points and prizes for doing so. We're building something unique here, join us today!

We’re on a mission to support the absolute best independent music of tomorrow, and we need your help. From sharing insights on your listening behaviors and preferences, to critiquing music, helping us label it, competing in games and events and completing quests – we’re just getting started when it comes to giving you more and more exciting new ways to connect with our artists.

Discover our apps, websites, playlists, gameshows and webisodes, our points program and perks and the many things we’re up to at LivingRoomSociety. Then, when you’re ready, JOIN, it’s 100% FREE.

Share your thoughts and preferences

Exciting formats to get engaged, and earn points!

Be Entertained.

From our live trivia show to our weekly hangouts, our playlists, blog, and more - we're keeping the content coming.


Earn points across all of our apps, sites, shows, stores and events. Redeem for merch, tickets, music, gift cards and more!

Get Ready to Compete

From our survivor-style trivia to our regular FanPanel and SkrutLive events, mini-quests and more, get ready to get your game on!


Get your game on

Compete in our live or independent trivia events, fan panels, listening parties and more. Complete quests and challenges. Earn points across all games, shows, apps, sites and events!

Engage and discuss

Attend our fan panels and "SkrutLive" events, complete surveys about your preferences and behaviors and engage in the community - all while earning points and prizes.

Enjoy rewards, perks and exclusive content

Reward yourself with a range of options from points-based purchases in our music, merch and tickets marketplace, to physical rewards like gift cards and sponsor products, to donation options, products and services and more. Plus, get access to exclusive content and hear the music of tomorrow for before anyone else!

Are you ready to join the Society?

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to jump in and register for free and to start earning points right away, get started below!

Our Mission

What we're building, and what it's all for

From our apps and sites to our playlists, shows and games - we've put a lot of time, money and passion into building out the initial phase of our Society community, and our artist community. We're very much just getting started, with half a dozen apps in the works, exciting new event and game formats, new sponsorships, and of course - the absolute best emerging and undiscovered music out there.

But what's it all for? We truly believe in the independent music community, and in artists keeping ownership of their art. We believe in the power of music, the power of community, and the power of the internet. Major labels have a time and a place, but independent artists today can foster incredible careers, providing for their family and building loyal fanbases - independently.

We're on a mission to support them. From new tools and tactics to help them grow, to community engagement, deep data and insights, world-class resources and financial assistance and investments in our unique CollectiveConcepts programs.

All we're missing is you! Are you ready to help us shape the music of tomorrow, and to shine on a light on some hidden gems? We look forward to seeing you around.

Teaches problem solving

Games can reduce stress

Encourages teamwork

Teaches to set goals

Are you ready to join the Society?

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to jump in and register for free and to start earning points right away, get started below!